Wander: Virginia’s Warbler Road – Blue Ridge Parkway

The Warbler Road: Overview and Strategy Despite having lived in central Virginia for a few years now, and spending a good amount of time in the Blue Ridge Mountains, somehow I only recently heard about the Warbler Road! Of course, after learning about it I had to check it out for myself. I thought a …

My Best Shots of 2022

At the end of each year, I really enjoy going through the year’s photos and whittling down my keepers to an even 100 that I think represent my best for that year. It’s a great exercise in seeing what worked and what didn’t, how my shooting and editing style changed, and mentally revisiting some of the most magical places and moments of the year. Come along and see!

Wander: Back to Dutch Gap with my New Canon R7!

Dutch Gap Conservation Area is my favorite place in the Richmond area for a nice wildlife hike–always lots to see and hear out there! This time, I headed out with my Canon EOS R7, which I picked up about a month ago. I love my R5, of course, but I found that for wildlife and macro especially, I often missed the 1.6x APS-C crop factor that I was used to from my previous dSLR cameras. So I did some shooting and made a video with my thoughts on the R7 after a month or so. Come along!

Gear Up: Canon RF 800mm + RF 1.4x TC

I wandered to a new-to-me location, the Harrison Lake National Fish Hatchery in Charles City, Virginia. I thought it might make a good place to see what I could do with the combination of my 800mm f/11 IS STM and the Canon 1.4x RF teleconverter–would 1120mm and f/16 produce decent results? Come along and see!

Wander: Hawksbill Summit at Shenandoah NP and Barboursville Ruins

I took a day off to make a long birthday weekend for myself, and headed for my happy place: the mountains! My main goal was to hike the Hawksbill Summit Trail, to reach the highest point of Shenandoah National Park. It was a beautiful and crisp day, the first full day of fall, so I also added a couple shorter trails: Lewis Mountain Trail and Stony Man Trail. As a bonus, I made a sunrise stop on the way to check out the Barboursville Ruins. Come along!

Destination: Kayaking Swift Creek Lake at Pocahontas State Park, VA

I enjoyed kayaking when we lived in Florida, but I haven’t done much of that since moving to Virginia. So recently I got myself a new kayak (more on that in a bit), and hope to use it a lot more in the near future! Today I loaded it up for a wander to Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield VA, about 20 minutes from home. I hit the waters of Swift Creek Lake for a lovely morning paddle. Come along!