Destination: Maymont Estate and Gardens, Richmond VA
Rocks and waterfall at Maymont in Richmond VA

Our new home is in the vicinity of Richmond, Virginia, a city rich in natural beauty and historical significance. But it seems Richmond’s crown jewel is the Maymont Estate and Gardens, a gorgeous combination of both nature and history. We’ve been several times and only begun to scratch the surface, so consider this merely an […]

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Destination: Your Back Yard

As I mentioned a few months back, my family and I recently pulled up stakes and moved to a new-to-us house in a new-to-us state. It was quite an adventure to sell one house, buy another, and do an interstate move in the middle of a pandemic, but we are happily on the other side […]

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One Shot: Aerial Myrtle Beach

I think a cardinal rule of photography is that to make interesting images, you often need to find an unusual point of view on your subject. Sometimes that means getting down low, or zooming in close, or using a lens or focal length that causes distortion. And sometimes it means hopping into a helicopter and […]

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