My 2021 In Photos

I think it’s a good exercise to go through the year’s photos and flag the images that I think were my best. It’s a nice way to gauge progress over the year, and to see what worked best for me photographically. Also interesting to see my choice of gear and settings–of the 95 non-drone photos I ended up with, the focal lengths broke out like so:

Ultra-wide (11-20mm): 20
Wide (21-40mm): 24
Normal (41-60mm): 7
Telephoto (61-100mm): 16
Mid Telephoto (101-200mm): 7
Long Telephoto (>200mm): 21

I’m not surprised to see I favor the extremes, super wide and super long!

Rather than a huge photo dump post, I compiled the images into a short video. Hope you like!

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