Day Tripping: Cumberland County, Virginia
Cumberland County, VA

I hit the road early this past Sunday morning for a proper wander–I had one initial destination in mind, and from there I thought I’d just explore and see where I ended up. And it turned out the answer was: Cumberland County, Virginia. It wasn’t a particularly long excursion, but I was pretty pleased with […]

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One Shot: RVA Illuminates 2020
A nighttime view across the James River towards downtown Richmond, Virginia.

Every photo involves an element of timing. Sometimes you get lucky with timing, sometimes you can plan it. When I heard about RVA Illuminates, and saw that a full moon was coming up, I thought I’d try combining the two from a vantage point along the Manchester Floodwall. It was a chilly evening, but a […]

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One Shot: Cherry Grove Pier, SC
A view down the Cherry Grove Pier in North Myrtle Beach SC.

Where the land ends, the sea begins. That’s true in plenty of places, of course, but here and there mankind has extended the land out into the sea, which can make for some great views! This is a fresh edit of a shot I took a few years ago, looking out to see down the […]

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One Shot: A View From the Top

I found myself in a New York state of mind today, and naturally photographs are an excellent way for me to revisit a place, if only in my imagination. I can feel the setting sun and the breeze when I put myself back into this photo, a southward view from the 86th-floor observation deck of […]

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One Shot: Dulce Et Decorum Est

We photographers are lovers of light, and of patterns, and of colors and lines and textures. As such, some places we walk into simply make our jaws drop, and inspire a range of feelings. Simple awe for one, excitement for the opportunity to try to capture that place in a photograph–and a bit of trepidation […]

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HDR: An Introduction

Many of the photos I post here are HDR images–HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. In a nutshell, HDR combines several exposures of the same scene in order to give photographs more oomph, by making them more like what the human eye can see in terms of detail across a range of light levels. That’s […]

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