Wander: Pump House Park, ACL Railroad Bridge, and My New Mini 3 Pro!

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A few months ago, I decided to sell my DJI Air 2S drone and pick up a new Mini 3 Pro when it came out. I loved how solid the Air 2S was, and I loved its features and image quality–but it was a bit too large and noisy for my taste, so I found myself not using it much. I just like to be more sneaky, I guess, and I loved how my Mini 2 effectively disappeared in sight and sound once it got up in the air. The Mini 3 Pro seemed to add some nice new bells and whistles, like a larger image sensor and a gimbal that can tilt upwards and rotate to portrait orientation.

Once I finally got my hands on a Mini 3, I decided to give it a try at the iconic ACL Railroad Bridge over the James River in Richmond. Along the way I took a stroll at Pump House Park, which is one of my favorite spots around town. Come along!

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